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Designing Services

Turn your ideas into reality by availing our design services. Our Custom Shoe Designers in USA are of in-house Italian designers, shoe technicians and leather artists will turn your idea into a custom product design and we will manufacture it as per the requirements.

Turn Your Shoemaking Idea into Real Design and Products
Create a new and original design services for your shoe brand. Provide us with a tech pack or consult with our designers & technicians for creating a custom product design and prototype.

Custom Product Design In USA – Categories

We provide custom product design services in USA for creating premium leather footwear for women and men, and high-quality leather accessories like bags, handbags, clutches, and wallets.

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Women’s Shoes Designs 

We create women’s footwear in custom shoe design including heels, sandals, flats, mules, and boots among others.
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Men’s Shoes Designs
Create your own custom shoe design of men’s shoes in pure leather & suede in monk straps, derby’s, loafers & moccasins, boots, and slip-on shoes.
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Women’s Bags Designs

We design and create high-quality custom leather bags for women in classic, trendy and unique varieties that include tote, crossbody, hobo, and shoulder bags among others.
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Men’s Bags Designs
We design and create quality men’s custom leather bags that include laptop bags, work bags, carry-around bags, and functional bags among others.
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Women’s Wallet Designs

We create women’s leather wallets in beautiful and eye-catching custom designs that include clutch wallets, wristlets, string wallets, money clips, and coin wallets among several others.
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Men’s Wallet Designs

We design premium leather wallets along classic lines having unique patterns and colors. Every wallet with custom product design is made of top-quality fabric lining and premium quality leather.

Kiwi – Leather Shoe Design Services In USA

Turn your ideas into reality by availing our shoes design services in USA. Our designer shoe warehouse is of in-house Italian designers, shoe technicians and expert cordwainers will turn your idea into a practical design and we will manufacture it as per the requirements.

Buy From Us
Buy from us to start your own collection. Select the design and quantity and we will package and supply the required units. Put your logo on it and start selling.
Give Us Your Design
Provide us with your designs or tech packs and we will do the rest. Our designers and technicians will develop the prototype and samples and manufacture in the required quantity.
Design From Scratch
Consult with our designers and technicians to transform your idea into reality. They will convert the idea into a technical design, create samples and manufacture as per the requirements.
What kind of Shoes You Design?
We custom product design a wide range of women’s and men’s shoes that include Sandals, Heels, Block Heels, Moccasin, Sneakers, Boots, Ballerina and Pumps among others.
What is the Process of Designing Shoes at Kiwi?
Our custom product design process starts with a consultation with our in-house Italian designers and shoe technicians about the type and design of footwear the client has in mind. After the meeting, including appropriate materials and leather types will be selected and a technical design made. Next, the prototype and samples of the designed shoe will be created and tested for viability, quality, and usability. After all the parameters are checked, the footwear will be manufactured with the client’s brand name and logo as per the specifications.
Do You Have the Official Shoe Designer?
Yes, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced shoe designers from Italy.
How Many Shoe Sizes Do You Offer?
We offer the following shoe sizes.
Euro sizes 34 to 42 which corresponds to UK sizes 1 to 9 and US sizes 3 to 11. These sizes fit children, teenagers and full grown adults in that order.
After Shoe Designing How Much Time It Will Take for Development?
Our custom product design takes between 7 to 10 days for development.
We follow all the compliance procedures of the industry rigorously. Our raw material is only sourced from the Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries worldwide, which is a gold standard for leather certification. We maintain the highest quality standards and excellent audit ratings from the concerned leather quality and monitoring agencies like Interteck, SGS, UROFINS, PUV, and UL.

Contact Us for Shoe Designing In USA

Contact us through email or telephone for creating a new design for custom leather shoes for your shoe brand. You can also fill the form provided with the contact information and we will get in touch with you shortly.