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Top Five Leather Bags For Women



Leather bags for women are very popular in the market and are well known for their comfort and style. These bags are available in different designs and are used to store and transport belongings in various situations such as travel, parties, shopping, and even casual errands like picking up groceries. But with so many designs and styles of leather bags out there, it can be hard to figure out which style of bag is right for your brand’s catalogue. If you aren’t sure, check out Kiwi Enterprises’ exclusive guide on the top five leather bags that would be fit for your accessory line.


Five women’s leather bags to transform your fashion brand


Tote bags – This is a large, unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side. This is a type of bag that is very similar to a shopping bag, in that tote bags have plenty of storage space and are comfortable to carry around. Totes are extremely versatile as well and serve a multitude of purposes for your customers. But leather tote bags in particular stand out because they provide a classy look for women while being long lasting and durable.


Shoulder bags – As the name implies, this is a bag that is meant to be slung over one’s shoulder. This style of bag is similar to a tote bag but with shorter and thinner straps for easier carrying. This bag is available in a wide range of categories and includes an assortment of designs and sizes. These bags are designed to be used for shopping and casual day to day usage.


Satchel bag – An extremely popular handbag design, satchels often resemble soft sided suitcases in their structure and appearance. These are often used as everyday bags for casual occasions, but you can also find premium designs for more upscale and formal events. A satchel bag is a phenomenal addition to any brand’s catalogue because they never go out of style. Reach out to Kiwi Enterprises today and create a custom leather satchel for your collection.


Mini backpack – A chic variation of the classic bulky backpack, a mini backpack is a much smaller and premium looking leather bag that can be worn with casual and formal outfits. This bag is also super convenient to travel with because it allows the wearer to be handsfree while still having a place to store their belongings. Whether you have your own design in mind or you need a manufacturer to create mini backpacks for your private label, Kiwi Enterprises is the right pick.


Baguette bag – This style of leather bags has grown popular amongst women because of its fashion and functional value. A baguette bag is a narrow shoulder bag that usually comes with a small strap. It is basically a compact handbag that has enough space for basic accessories such as mobile phones, tissues, wallets, etc. Perfect for parties and special occasions. Consider adding an occasion wear bag like this to your catalogue to add some glitz and glam to your aesthetic.


Why choose Kiwi Enterprises?


Kiwi Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of leather handbags, wallets, footwear, and other leather accessories. We are a family-run company that brings brands’ visions to life with a world-class leather goods manufacturing operation. We design and create premium-quality custom leather footwear and accessories for many private labels, organizations, fashion houses, brands, and other retailers around the world. Our design process can be broken down into a few key steps –


Design – Kiwi Enterprises has its own team of in-house designers that create various brilliant designs after consulting with fashion agents in France, Italy and United States. After they come up with designs and prototypes, our leather technicians provide their input to further improve and finalize the designs.


Cutting – After the design is finalized, the next step is to cut the selected leather in patterns. This means creating a template out of cardboard or another material, with marks showing the location of details like slots for straps and stitch lines for pockets. The pattern is used to transfer the marks onto the leather.


Stitching – This is where our expert artisans bring your creative visions to life. Our seasoned craftsmen combine their hand stitching skill with state-of-the-art machinery to achieve this and create the finest quality leather bags catering to premium international fashion and luxury brands.


Finishing – This is the process where the final product takes shape. The bags are sent to the finishing room, where the last-minute alterations are done. Threads and tassels trimmed, rivets, zippers, buttons, and other accessories checked and the bag polished. Now the finished product is ready for packing.