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Everything You Need To Know About Italian Shoe Manufacturers


Shoes that come with a ‘Made in Italy’ tag are usually considered world-class and top quality. That’s because Italy has had a long-standing tradition of bespoke leather shoemaking and manufacturing. While most other countries in the world use big-scale factory operations to produce leather footwear, customized handmade footwear remains more popular in Italy. If you are a designer or big retailer looking to create luxury leather footwear, then Italy is the place to go for your manufacturing needs. There is a lot to learn about the world of Italian shoe manufacturers private label, so check out our everything you need to know guide.

Kiwi Enterprises – A lasting connection with Italian craftsmanship

Here at Kiwi Enterprises, we are no strangers to the superior quality of Italian leather footwear and accessories. We offer an expansive collection of bespoke footwear, created by our in-house team of Italian designers .We design and create premium-quality custom leather footwear and accessories for many private labels, organizations, fashion houses, brands, and other retailers around the world. Our collections are displayed in reputed trade shows the world over, including in Micam Milano and Exporiva Schuh, both hosted in Italy.

Whether you are a private fashion label or a big retailer, we can create a custom range for you, or you can choose from our repertoire of in-house designs and put your label on them. Our in-house team of designers from Italy create over 300 new designs every season, including timeless and trendy designs in leather goods.

All you need to know about Italian shoe manufacturing

Here’s what makes Italian shoe manufacturers the most sought-after footwear makers in the shoe world.

1. Leading footwear manufacturers in the world

Since Italian footwear and leatherwork is so sought after globally, it should be no surprise that the country is among the leading manufacturers in the world. In fact, there are specific regions in Italy that specialize in the production of luxury leather footwear – San Mauro Pascoli, Fermo and Macerata, and the Riviera del Brenta. These three regions comprise thousands of Italian shoe manufacturers that offer employment and benefits to locals in the area. Italy holds almost one percent of luxury leather footwear production worldwide, in line with other large producers like India and China. Approximately 200 million pairs of shoes were exported all over the world in 2019.

2. A legacy of shoemaking

All the top leather shoe manufacturers in Italy have been doing so for generations. Most of the factories are small family-run businesses, which hire locals and pass down the traditions of shoemaking to younger people. There is a strong culture of mentorship and family in the Italian leather manufacturing industry, where the head of the family teaches other family members the necessary skills. With time, each of these family run businesses have become coveted for their craftsmanship and skill. So, every bespoke pair of shoes that you get manufactured in Italy, know that it has been made by hand, specifically for your brand.

3. They manufacture their own leather

Italian leather is in demand all over the world, because the Italians have developed their own distinctive leather tanning process. Leather made in Italy is extraordinarily soft and supple compared to other leathers, and shoes made with Italian leather are among the most sturdy and durable in the world. At Kiwi Enterprises, we work with over 150 different types of leathers to create the perfect shoes for your brand.

Kiwi Enterprises – Your private label’s one-stop shop for leather goods

With an undying passion for sophistication and style, Kiwi Enterprises has been in the premium leather business for over two decades. We are a family-owned and operated business, bringing you a world-class design platform with endless customization options. If you work with us, we will bring you state-of-the-art manufacturing mixed with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From our raw materials to our custom packaging options, we strive to create top-tier leather products that will elevate your brand.