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Why to love handmade shoes

Convenience and instant gratification have become paramount to consumers in 2022, so much so that most have developed a shopaholic streak. While top brands aplenty are catering to the masses, there are also brands that cater to customers who value bespoke, handcrafted premium accessories.


This is where Kiwi Enterprises comes in – we offer bespoke handcrafted leather footwear to private labels, big retailers, and more. No matter what kind of footwear you’re looking to add to your brand’s catalogue – from womenswear like heels, flats, and boots to men’s shoes like loafers and brogues – we make them all. So, if you’re looking for handmade leather boots or any other type of handmade shoe, here’s why they are a markedly better choice than their mass manufactured counterparts:


1. Quality control: The material, finesse in the handiwork and stitching, designing, and all other factors that go into making a handmade shoe are much more considered and elevated than a factory-made piece. The touch of an artisan and the attention to detail is unparalleled as compared to machine manufactured shoes. The shoemaking process is a long one, and each step is dependent on the other. Our highly qualified artisans spend 50-60 hours over every individual pair of handmade leather boots.


2. Uniqueness: The skilled artisans making handmade shoes at Kiwi Enterprises are not limited to what a shoemaking machine can do, so they can easily customise the shoes according to your brand’s needs. This means that every pair of shoes that we will create for your footwear brand will be unique and one of a kind.The uniqueness of the product not only enhances the customer’s experience but also gives the brand the satisfaction of standing out from the crowd. At Kiwi Enterprises, we have a team of in-house Italian designers, shoe technicians, and expert cordwainers who will turn your wildest shoe designs into a reality.


3. Cost: The idea of higher production cost might sound disheartening for brands looking to sell handmade shoes, but ultimately the results are in your favour. As we mentioned before, quality control is of utmost priority in handmade footwear, so the final product will be superior in their look and feel. Handcrafted and handmade shoe brands also tend to prefer using premium quality raw materials, and the difference between them and machine-made shoes will be quite apparent to the idea. For instance, Kiwi sources raw material only from the Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries worldwide, which is the gold standard of leather certification.


4. Better fitting: Something to note about machine-made shoes is that they follow a standardised size guide, which may or may not work for every brand. Brands that make handmade shoes for people with medical issues, for example, need to work under the guidance of expert shoe technicians who understand concerns like how a shoe can support the foot’s arch or how it should accommodate the foot adequately.


5. Durability: Considering how much effort goes into the making of each individual pair of handmade shoes, concerns of durability are also taken into account in this process. At Kiwi Enterprises, after the best raw material is sourced, other parts of the shoe like leather cutting, upper making, moulding, lasting, sole pasting, and the final finishing is given to the shoe with the utmost care. This rigorous process along with keen attention to detail ensures long lasting shoes.



Kiwi Enterprises – Your private label’s one stop shop for leather goods


With an undying passion for sophistication and style, Kiwi Enterprises has been in the premium leather business for over two decades. We are a family-owned and operated business, bringing you a world-class design platform with endless customization options. If you work with us, we will bring you state-of-the-art manufacturing mixed with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From our raw materials to our custom packaging options, we strive to create top-tier leather products that will elevate your brand.