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Introduction : Leather shoes for men and women

Whether you identify as a man, a woman, or are gender non-binary, there are countless leather shoe types to choose from. Whether you are looking for something to wear every day to the office or for special occasions, there is a leather shoe that will suit your needs. Kiwi Enterprises, which ranks among the best in the leather manufacturing industry, makes custom designs for brands. You can give us your designs to manufacture, or you can even refer to our roster of designs and put your brand’s label on them.

Different types of leather shoes for men and women

There is a plethora of leather shoe types in the market now, and we can tell you with full confidence that they are versatile enough to suit everyone. Here is a look at different types of leather shoes:

1. Ballet flats: These are modelled on ballet dancers’ shoes that they wear while performing. They are a slip-on style of shoe with a leather body and rubber sole. They are comfortable and fashionable, and can go with Western and Indian outfits. These are a great reliable seller in almost every footwear and fashion brand’s catalogue because they will never go out of style.

2. Brogue shoes: These leather lace-ups are made for both men and women. They started off as dressy or office shoes exclusively worn by men, but now have expanded to women’s footwear as well. They are also available with high heels. The name comes from the term broguing, which is a pattern of holes that is made on the wingtip of the shoe.

3. Sneakers: This style of shoe has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and sneaker culture has slowly taken over the world. You can find a wide range of retailers selling sneakers for both men and women, in different colour ways and designs too. Be it sporty-looking leather sneakers or sleeker suede sneakers for special occasions, most brands have now added sneakers to their offerings.

4. Flip flops: Another functional unisex style of footwear, flipflops are considered to be a wardrobe staple. Many people have specific flip flops they like to wear around the house, but these can also be worn to run quick errands or even on beach vacations. Also known as thong shoes in some parts of the world, flip flops are a no-brainer when it comes to shoes your brand should carry.

5. Juttis: This type of ethnic footwear originated from North India, more specifically Punjab. They are traditionally made with leather but often are also embroidered. Think of them like ballet flats but with an ethnic twist. They are usually flat soled with a rounded tip. However, sometimes juttis made for men also have a tip that’s curved upwards to resemble a regal moustache.

6. Boots: Boots are usually worn in the winter because they are warm and can feel constricting. But if your outfit to have an edge, then you can always go for boots. Some popular styles of boots are:

  • Cowboy boots that usually have a pointed toe and decorative stitching
  • Ankle boots that are usually lace-ups but can also have a side zipper or slip-ons
  • Knee-high boots that are dressy and can be worn with skirts, shorts, and dresses of any length
  • Combat boots are modelled after boots worn in the military. They have thick and heavy sole and are durable enough to be worn in bad terrain
  • Chelsea boots became popular during the ‘60s because they were worn by the Beatles. You can spot one instantly because they usually have elasticated sides
  • Jodhpur boots they have pointed tips and can be confused with Chelsea boots, but often have a buckle and strap around them so they stay snug around your ankles

Custom-made shoes for women at Kiwi Enterprises

With an undying passion for sophistication and style, Kiwi Enterprises has been in the premium leather business for over two decades. We are a family-owned and operated business, bringing you a world-class design platform with endless customization options. If you work with us, we will bring you state-of-the-art manufacturing mixed with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From our raw materials to our custom packaging options, we strive to create top-tier leather products that will elevate your brand.