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Introduction : 

Genuine leather footwear is a prized possession, meant to be meticulously cared for and tended to. This is because leather shoes are usually more expensive items that will refine any outfit. Give your leather footwear the right care, and they will last you a long time and age gracefully as well. If you want to know do leather shoes last longer than faux leather and other materials, the answer is yes, provided you take care of them the right way. At Kiwi Enterprises, we certainly know a thing or two about caring for leather shoes, from how to take care of leather work boots to cleaning supplies you might need,

We are a family-run company that brings brands’ visions to life with our world-class leather goods manufacturing operation. We design and create premium-quality custom leather footwear and accessories for many private labels, organizations, fashion houses, brands, and other retailers around the world. We work with the best quality leather available, and we work the top leather artisans in Italy to create footwear. So here are our expert tips on how to maintain leather shoes and extend their life in your closet.

How to take care of leather shoes

  • Know your leathers: Not every type of leather is the same, and comes with its own unique characteristics. For instance, pebbled leather has a signature texture on it that is easier to clean than the soft and velvety feel of suede leather. Suede is a more absorbent material than other kinds of leather and therefore requires a specific kind of cleaning product that doesn’t dampen the material. This is why you should pay attention to the kind of leather your shoes are made of, and clean them accordingly. Kiwi Enterprises works with over 150 different types of leather, each one with its own look and feel.
  • Keep them clean: To keep your leather footwear looking shiny and as good as new, it is imperative to clean them regularly. Use a dense shoe brush or a microfiber cloth to on your shoes after every wear to get rid of dust and debris. This ensures that buffing and polishing your shoes will be a smooth and seamless process. Avoid using water and household items like baking soda and lemon juice on leather, as that can be too harsh on the material and cause more damage to the shoes. Instead, go for a cleanser specifically formulated for leather, and use a micro fibre cloth to apply it to your shoes.
  • Condition, polish, and weatherproof: Want to know how long do leather shoes last? That depends on how you treat your shoes and protect them from the elements. Make sure to use a leather conditioner on your footwear every 10-15 wears to retain the moisture in the material. You can also find weatherproofing products for leather shoes such as shoe wax, which will make your footwear more resilient against harsh weather like rain and snow.
  • Store them correctly: Leather is a porous material, meaning that it is prone to absorbing moisture and odour. This is why the way you store your leather footwear at home can determine the longevity of your shoes. Make sure to put a shoe tree inside your shoes when storing, which will absorb the excess moisture and also help retain the shape of the shoe. It is also advisable to keep your leather footwear in a fabric shoe bag or a sturdy show box to prevent dust from accumulating on the shoe and seeping into the material.


Kiwi Enterprises – Your private label’s one stop shop for leather goods

With an undying passion for sophistication and style, Kiwi Enterprises has been in the premium leather business for over two decades. We are a family-owned and operated business, bringing you a world-class design platform with endless customization options. If you work with us, we will bring you state-of-the-art manufacturing mixed with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Whether you are a private fashion label or a big retailer, we can create a custom range for you, or you can choose from our repertoire of in-house designs and put your label on them. Our in-house team of designers from France and Italy create over 300 new designs every season, including timeless designs and the trendiest designs in leather goods.  From our raw materials to our custom packaging options, we strive to create top-tier leather products that will elevate your brand.