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Must Have Leather Purses for Women


Leather purses are an accessory item that are always at a ladies side. Women need it as ladies clothing usually does not come equipped with large pockets. Leather purses are a necessity that can masquerade as a luxury if you are toting a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel purse. 

Leather purses for women were initially defined as bags with shoulder straps. Now the term has the same meaning as ladies handbags, i.e., a bag that is used to carry money, toiletries and other personal items. In the article below we will discuss some must have leather purses that you should have in your leather handbag collection. 

Types of Leather Purses for Women

Leather purses come in different styles, colors and sizes. These are made for different occasions and purposes. Some may be small and others can carry your whole house in it!! Let’s have a look at some essential leather purses for a discerning woman of substance. 

  1. Clutch Purse

Clutch purses are designed like a small flat rectangular pouch with a closure at top. These are created in different colors and patterns. You can customize a clutch to match with an outfit you would like to wear for a special occasion. Clutches have no straps and are meant to be held in hands or under the arms. Closure of a clutch may differ based on different designs. Envelope clutches have a flap closure that comes down at the front. Kiss lock clutches has a closure consisting of two bars that are closed with two metal pieces that end together in a small ball.   

  1. Box Clutch

Box clutch though named so is not a clutch. These must have leather purses for women are shaped like a small rectangular box with a small handle. This stylish purse has a classic appeal and has graced the hands of Hollywood divas and fashionistas for many years now. 

  1. Belt Purse

Belt purses are worn around the waist as fanny packs but are elegant and classy. These are shaped like small pouches and come with a belt that is tied around the waist. You get comfort and utility and look stylish at the same time.  

  1. Accordion Purses

Accordion purses have sides with extra space that can expand like accordion to accommodate a number of items. When the items are removed, their sides can be pushed inside for a smaller shape. The strap and the size of the purse also varies depending on whether it is to be hand held or carried on shoulders. This ability makes accordion purses versatile and used for different occasions.  

  1. Trapezoid Purses

Trapezoid purses are shaped like an accordion purse but with sides already pushed out and not folded in. The sides are extended outward and are thus wider than the base. These taper inwards culminating at the top that has a closure. These purses can have carrying handle or straps holding purposes. 

  1. Wristlets

Wristlets are small and rectangular leather wallets for women that are slightly bigger than men’s wallets. These are meant to be worn on the wrist and are secured with a loop-shaped strap. This frees up your hand and keeps the wallets secure at the same time. Wristlet wallets have a main central compartment along with side pockets for cards and other necessary items. These can be paired with any type of outfit, formal or casual.  

  1. Bracelet Purses

Bracelet purses like wristlets are carried around on wrists or hands but use a metal bracelet instead of a strap. The bracelet on the purse can be customized and matched with a particular outfit if you want. This allows you to wear a perfectly coordinated ensemble for a special occasion.  

  1. Flap Purses

Flap purse is one of the most recognizable purse designs worldwide. First introduced by Chanel, it has been recreated a lot of times inspired by the original design. It is sleek and small in size with a rectangular shape and a large front flap closure. The shoulder strap consists of a unique metal chain that is its most recognizable asset. 

  1. Bowler Purses

Bowler purses range from small to mid-sized and have a dome shape. Their design as the name suggests is inspired by bowling bags. These have multiple compartments and leather straps for carrying purposes. You can use these purses with both casual and formal wear. 

  1. Backpack Purse

Backpack purses are leather purses for women that are shaped like small backpacks. These are available in different colors, styles and sizes. These can be slung over your shoulders or strapped to the back just like a backpack. It is best suited as a casual wear item. 

  1. Quilted Purses

Quilt is a pattern which is made by stuffing cloth and sewing it into a diagonal pattern. Quilted bags sport a quilted pattern on them. From long side bags to clutch bags they come in all types of handbags. Quilt bags come in both materials, leather as well as cotton fabric. Although at times, the quilted pattern is embossed on leather and not sewed. 

  1. Baguette Purses

Baguette purses have a similar shape to the baguette bread. First introduced by “Fendi” these are must have leather purses for women. These purses have a small, slender and tapered cylindrical shape with a flap closure. The length of the strap varies and it can be carried on the wrists or worn over the shoulders.  

  1. Half Moon Purses

The half-moon purses have a distinct shape like a half circle or a half moon. It is curved around the bottom with a zipper closure at the top. The purse has a long strap for carrying it on the shoulder. 

  1. Hobo Purses

Hobo purses have a big slouchy and crescent shape. The design is inspired by the makeshift knotted cloth bags of yesteryear made famous in Charlie Chaplin movies where he is portraying a vagabond.  These leather purses for women have a singular large compartment with a zipper closure or a string tie closure. These have a long flat strap for carrying over the shoulder. 

  1. Barrel Shaped Purses

The barrel purse is shaped like a long thin barrel. It is similar to baguette purses but has a fuller shape and is longer compared to the flat and short shape of baguette purses. It is much more practical and comes with both shoulder length straps or short handles depending on the occasion it can be worn with. 

  1. Satchel Purses

Satchel purses have a rectangular shape with a flat bottom. Clasp and buckle are used for fastening purposes and a long strap for carrying over the shoulders. Satchel purses are generally used for office wear and can accommodate office essentials like laptops and files easily. 

  1. Messenger Purses

Messenger purses are leather purses for women that are inspired by the bags used by couriers and postmen in colonial times. These bags are rectangular in shape and have front flaps for closing that can be fastened with buckles or clasp.  

  1. Canteen Purse

The canteen purses resemble a canteen or flask. These are small and round with a hardened exterior to maintain the shape. These purses have a long shoulder strap and can be worn on or across the shoulder. These are stylish and great looking purses suited for casual occasions.  

  1. Box Purses

Box purses are must have leather purses for women that are shaped like boxes. These purses are spacious with a well-defined shape. They have a shiny and hard exterior that is constructed of embossed leather. The straps may be small or large so that these purses can be handheld or worn over the shoulder. 


Leather purses for women are practical and stylish accessories. They come in various designs that range from purely utilitarian to luxury items. We hope the above mentioned designs of purses match your styles and meet your needs.