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Types of Wholesale Leather Wallets for Men


Leather wallets for men were first created and used to carry valuable items. With time leather wallets became smaller and were used to carry cash, cards, and sometimes spare coins. Today wallets have evolved from being a thing of utility to comfort and luxury items. A leather wallet is a perfect accessory for men. You can choose different designs, shapes, colors, and types of leather and get the wallet that suits your style. The type of wallet a person carries speaks a lot about the person. 

Men’s leather wallets come in several varieties. Here we have curated a list of popular wholesale men’s wallets. Browse the list of wallets and select the ones best suited for your wholesale use. 

1. Bifold Wallet

A bifold wallet has 2 sections thus getting the name. To close it, you have to fold the halves once. It is a slim and stylish wallet. It has a long open pocket for carrying cash and different slots for credit and id-cards and a bit of spare change. With its slim design, it can easily be carried in the trousers’ back pocket.

2. Trifold Wallet

A trifold wallet as the name suggests has 3 sections and two folds. It has more space and can hold more than a bi-fold wallet. It has an open pocket to hold cash and vertical slots for cards due to its design. 

3. Slim Wallet

A Slim wallet is a popular choice in wholesale leather wallets. These are also called minimalist wallets. It has a smoother silhouette and is meant for carrying essentials like cards and some cash. It fits in your front pocket and saves you from the trouble of carrying a bulky wallet and causes less wear and tear to your clothes.   

4. Large Wallets

Large wallets are also called “breast pocket wallets” and long wallets. As the name suggests this fits into your coat or jacket’s inner pocket. It has a large space and features several slots to carry cash, cards, and documents. This classy wallet is the preferred choice for the sophisticated set. Use its optimum space to carry your checkbook along with cash, cards, and other documents. 

5. Travel Wallets






travel wallets





These are also called passport travel wallets. These have an outer construction similar to the large wallet but feature spacious compartments to hold your travel documents, passport, cash, and cards securely. Most of these wallets come with a pen holder and a small diary too. You can use them to write a travel journal or a list in case you forget something. 

6. Taxi Wallets

Taxi wallets are small wholesale men wallets that have pouches to carry cash and spare change. It also features a secret pouch for securely holding important documents. These are small minimalist wallets that can hold all the important items without taking much space.  

7. Money Clip Wallet

Money-clip wallets are also known as hybrid money clips. These feature a metal clip between the folds of a leather wallet for easy retrieval of cash and cards. Cash and cards are wedged between the two folds of the clip. The clip is generally made of stainless silver or brass. But luxury money clip wallets may feature a clip made of sterling silver, gold, titanium, or even platinum.  

8. RFID Wallet

Data protection is of paramount importance these days. And an RFID wallet promises to do just that. It is popularly known as a secure wallet too. It has a special lining that protects the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips embedded in your cards. It blocks the unauthorized RFID, BLE, and NFC scans and thus protects your data from falling into wrong hands. Any wallet can be an RFID wallet if it has a special lining in its construction. 

9. Card Case Wallet





leather wallets for men





Card case wallets are the preferred wholesale leather wallets in the USA and other countries where card transactions are popular instead of cash. Its slim and elegant design lets you carry all your cards and ID conveniently.

Wallets Featuring Coin Pockets

These wallets come with a unique design with a coin pouch attached in the middle. You can use it to store your spare change inside the wallet. It is elegant and convenient too. Easily take out coins when you need that loose change. 

1. ID Card Wallet

ID card wallet has an ID card window inside one of the folds. The other sections can be used for cash and cards. Never forget your ID at home and look stylish at the same time.

2. Crocodile Print wallets

These luxurious wallets are made from high-quality leather. The leather may be any high-quality leather with an embossed crocodile print. These feel and look luxurious and are used as a statement accessory. These generally have detailed compartments and ample card slots. 


Accessories define your fashion sense. A good quality leather wallet is an essential accessory item that subtly showcases your sartorial sense. Other than carrying cash, cards, and documents it highlights your persona too. Contact us at Kiwi enterprises for purchasing high-quality wholesale leather wallets and jump-start your retail business or fashion label.