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Must Have Leather Shoes for Women

Shoes and in particular leather shoes are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. They protect your feet, enhance the look of your outfit and make you feel great. It is important that you pick the right pair of shoes for yourself. To make this easy for you we have created a list of must have shoes for women. Our choices cover all the women’s footwear needs. These choices include formal shoes, casual shoes, heels, and boots for the upcoming winter season. Let us have a look at these shoes below.

1. Ballerina Flats






Ballerina Flats





Ballerina flats have a similar construction to that of ballet shoes. Just like ballet shoes, these are rounded at the front and have a flat and pliable sole. The uppers are generally single tones and neutrals with a smattering of multi-colors and prints. These are classic and timeless shoes and look good with flowing skirts and pencil trousers. 

2. Pointy Flats

Pointy flats have a similar construction to ballerinas but with one major difference. As the name suggests, these shoes have a pointy closed front end and not rounded ones like ballerinas. Pointy flats make your legs appear longer. Wear these with a formal dress for that posh event and project a sophisticated, ultra-feminine look.  

3. Pumps

Pumps are beautiful and versatile shoes. These must-have shoes for women have a low-cut vamp construction and usually do not have any fastening or straps. These can have a low or a high heel and come in a wide range of designs and colors. Pair these with any type of clothing like jeans, skirts, and office wear. 

4.Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are always in demand as they come together of style and comfort. The upper of these shoes is constructed like a pump with a heel that is thin and not more than 3 inches in length. As such, these can be termed the perfect combination of pumps and stilettos. Wear these with jeans, skirts for a comfortable walk and with business wear for a smart, professional yet chic look. 

5. Block Heels





block heels for women




Block heels are also a mixture of high fashion sensibilities keeping the comfort factor in mind. Their high rectangular solid heels are combined with different types of upper construction to create fashion masterpieces that are comfortable on the feet. The heel shape gets the body weight evenly distributed on the feet that translates into a comfortable wearing experience. These versatile shoes look good with all kinds of outfits, especially jeans, formal trousers, and skirts. 

6. Peep Toes

These immensely popular must-have shoes for women have the front portion of the upper open from where the toes “peep” through. These shoes come in a wide variety of styles and heel lengths and can be worn with all types of outfits. 


7. Platform Shoes




platform shoes




Platform shoes have a thick sole construction under the toe with heels of different lengths. The “platform support” spreads the body weight evenly on the feet. This helps relieve pressure from the feet and has no danger of hurting and spraining your feet. Pair these shoes with casual wear.


8. Oxford Heels

Oxford heels are leather boots for women that have a laced upper like an oxford shoe. The heel on the other hand is comparatively high that suits women. These shoes look chic and smart at the same time. Pair them with casual wear and also flaunt the sober-colored ones for your office wear. 

9. Leather Sneakers

 Leather sneakers are also known as kicks. These have uppers made of bright and perky-colored leather with the sole made of thick rubber. These generally come in laces but may also feature a slip-on design. These are strictly casual shoes best suited for walking or wearing with a “hip” outfit. 


10. Loafers & Moccasins





loafers for women





Loafers & Moccasins are lace-less shoes with slip-on construction. While loafers have low or mid heels, a moccasin design does not feature any heels. Their uppers are designed with tassels or metal horse-bit shapes. These are beautiful shoes usually worn without socks. They are very comfortable to wear and look equally good with a variety of outfits, whether casual or formal. 

11. Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots, as the name, implies, end just at the ankles and cover it fully. These must-have boots come in all shapes, shades, materials, and heel lengths ranging from low to high to block heels. They are good at protecting the feet from cold yet provide ease of wearing. These pair well with any type of outfit but look especially good in denim and trousers. 


12. Ankle-Length Lace-up Boots

 Ankle-length lace-up boots are a variation of ankle boots having laces. These are also known as high ankle boots. The lace construction ensures a proper fit and protects the feet. The Upper can be of leather or suede of any color. They are comfortable boots and provide ease of movement. Use them for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, and for walking. These are a casual affair and look good with hiking or biker wear like leather jackets and jeans. 


13. Chelsea Boots




Chelsea boots for women




Chelsea boots are lace-less ankle-length leather boots for women. Instead of laces, they have elasticated gussets on one side of the boot. These gussets help in easy slipping of feet into boots and also ensure a good fit while wearing them so they don’t slip out. The upper is constructed of suede and leather in different colors. A pull tab is attached at the back of the upper for pulling the shoe up while wearing them. Heels are usually short and medium. These versatile and eye-catching shoes pair well with any ensemble but look especially good with fitted trousers and jeans. 


14. Calf Length Boots

Calf-length boots go high up to the calf. They can have different constructions and fasteners like zippers, laces, or be of the pull-on variety with different length heels. They are excellent for cold weather and come in leather and suede in a wide range of colors.  


15. Snug Boots

Snug boots are a type of calf-length boots. These must-have boots for winter have a leather and fabric construction with a fur lining and fur insole. These are soft and plush boots that keep your feet warm. They are light and have a uniform rubber sole for stability and comfort. You do not get tired standing or walking in them for a long time. Pair these attractive boots this winter with skinny jeans and a sweater.  


16. Below are the Knee Boots

Below the knee boots end right below the knees. Get them if you like wearing tall boots but find larger-length boots like over-the-knee boots cumbersome. These boots can easily be worn and taken off and provide good protection against the cold. Wear these versatile boots with both casual and formal wear. 


17. Knee-high boots




knee high boots for women




Knee-high boots end up just to the knees. These leather boots for women can have a leather or suede upper with heels of varying lengths. Their knee-high length provides proper protection from cold and provides the supreme wearing and walking experience at the same time. These are generally pull-on or zippered shoes. Flaunt these gorgeous boots with leggings, jeggings, or a short skirt to show them off. 

18. Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-High boots are also known as Above the Knee boots due to their construction. These have the longest shaft length and short heels to compensate for the length. These are the tallest boots for women that keep your feet warm and also bestow an oomph factor to your outfit. Due to their high length, they provide the maximum insulation to your feet. These are perfect to bring cheer to a cold wintery day and make you look fabulous. 

19. Cowboy Boots

These easily recognized must-have boots are classic and a perennial favorite. These are below the knee boots with pointed toes with uppers constructed of different varieties of leather. The upper may be embroidered and embellished for beautifying and increasing its appeal. The soles have slight Cuban heels that are at an angle inside towards the boots. Wear them in classic country attire i.e., denim wear, long flowing skirts, and a Stetson hat.



So, this is our list of must-have leather shoes for women. Hope this article helps you in getting the right pair of must-have shoes for women. Before buying, think about what you need the shoes most for. Are they for special occasions, everyday wear, or for going to work? Once you have thought it out, then decide on the pair or pairs of shoes most suitable for you and make your purchasing decision.