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Best Leather Bags For Women


Leather Handbags are a necessity for women. Women’s apparel generally doesn’t come with large pockets, so they are dependent on their bags for carrying everyday items. A good leather handbag can turn this necessity into luxury. Some leather bags are quite affordable, while some can cost an arm and leg to purchase. Many women spend a fortune to acquire a Louis Vuitton or a Birkin bag. You can pair a stylish bag with your clothes to convey the look you want to project.

Types of leather bags for women


There are endless options to choose from in women’s bags. A bag used for commuting every day is different from one required for a road trip. The handbag carried to a party is elegant and small, while a shoulder bag used outdoors is rugged and big. In this article, we will guide you through a variety of leather bags to select from. For your convenience, we have sorted the bags from small to medium and medium to large sizes.

A. Small to mid-sized bags

Small to mid-sized bags are used to carry the bare necessities while attending formal parties or letting your hair down. Since they are small in size, therefore are easy to carry around. Here are 7 types of small leather bags for women to choose from.

1. Clutch Bags

 Clutch bags are shaped like a small flat pouch with either a zipper or a top sliding clasp for closure. These bags have no straps and are carried in hands or under the arms. Clutches are perfect for a night of clubbing. Pouch and Pochette are examples of designer clutches.


Clutch Bag

2. Belt Bags

 Belt bags are similar to fanny packs but are trendy and classier. A belt bag is shaped like a small pouch and comes with a belt to be worn around the waist. These leather bags are mostly used by women who want comfort and utility without compromising on fashion.

3. Envelope Bags

 Envelope bags are small, thin rectangular bags, having a triangular front flap similar to an envelope. These are carried in hand and used for formal occasions and parties. Envelope bags are a treat to look at and are considered one of the best leather bags for women available in small size.

4. Wristlet Bags

Wristlets are small and rectangular in size, shaped like men’s wallets, only slightly bigger. These are worn on the wrist, secured with a loop-shaped strap so to free up your hand while keeping the bag secure. Wristlet bags feature a main central compartment along with side pockets for cash and cards. These are easy to carry and can be paired with any kind of outfit.

5. Bracelet Bags

Bracelet bags are designed to be carried around on wrists or hands through a metal bracelet instead of a strap. The bracelet can be matched with your jewelry. This translates into a perfectly coordinated ensemble for you to wear and flaunt. Bracelet bags are one of the best leather bags for women to carry to parties.



Bracelet Bag

6. Bowler Bags

Bowler bags are small to mid-sized bags having a dome shape. Their design is inspired by bowling bags. These bags can be used for both casual and formal wear. Bowler bags have multiple compartments to organize your stuff. They have thick mid-sized straps to be held by hand or supported on elbows to keep your palms free.

7. Baguette Bags

Baguette bags are shaped like their namesake, the classic French bread, ‘Baguette’. These leather bags are small, compact, and cylindrical. The strap may be longer or shorter, to be worn on shoulders or wrists. These were first introduced by ‘Fendi’, the acclaimed Italian Fashion House. Baguette bags are the first choice for the fashion-conscious modern woman.

B. Mid to large size bags

Mid to large-size bags are all-purpose bags. They are used for shopping, traveling, and attending office among other activities. These leather bags for women can hold a sizeable amount of stuff. Below is the list of 7 essential mid to large-size bags necessary in a women’s wardrobe.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are large hand-held bags with ample space for storage. Tote bags can either be open on top or closed with a zipper. These have short straps and a single large pouch. Tote bags can be carried anywhere and are easy to handle. The ‘Shopper bag’ is a type of tote bag rectangular in appearance.



Tote Bag

2. Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are big slouchy bags with a crescent shape. The name is inspired by vagabonds who used to carry all of their belongings in a large knotted cloth tied to a stick. Hobo bags have a singular large compartment sealed with a zipper or tied with strings. These are shoulder bags with a long flat strap. Hobo bags can be used both on formal and casual occasions.

3. Satchel Bags

Satchel bags are rectangular with a flat bottom. They have clasps for closing fastened with a single or double buckle and a large strap to be worn on shoulders. Satchel bags are generally used for office and can easily accommodate a laptop along with other stuff. Kelly bag is a type of satchel bag regarded as one of the best leather bags for women.

4. Weekender Bags

These are large and spacious bags. Weekender bags have short as well as long adjustable straps, so you can carry them in your hands or lug them on your shoulders as per the requirement. Weekender bags are best for packing clothes and other items for a weekend getaway.



Weekender Bags

5. Messenger Bags

Messenger bags were originally used by couriers and postmen to deliver mail. Their new version had been enthusiastically embraced by today’s fashion-conscious generation. Messenger bags are unisex, the difference being that women’s version tends to be more elegant and detailed. These leather bags are rectangular with a front flap. This flap may be fastened with a clasp or buckle.

6. Box Bags

Box bags as the name indicates are shaped like a box. These come with both small and large straps, to be handheld or worn on the shoulder. Box bags are spacious, have a well-defined shape, and a hard shiny exterior generally made with embossed leather. These bags can be used for shopping and travel. Box bags are a star among leather bags for women.

7. Doctor’s Bags

As the name implies, this bag is inspired by the bags used by physicians during house visits. Originally it had a split handle opened from the top and a single pouch. Now it comes with add-on details like side pouches, multiple pockets, and shiny metal clasps with intricately designed straps. These bags are favored by women for their sophisticated appearance.


So, what are you waiting for? Hope we have made your quest for choosing the best leather bags for women easier. Go ahead and purchase the bag of your dreams.