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The Next Big Thing in Leather Shoe Manufacturer

For thousands of years, people have been using leather products, such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc., as leather fashion never goes out of trend. Talking about leather footwear, particularly, they’re always in high demand, and that’s the reason why the footwear industry has been growing since its inception. Though leather fashion never seems to fade away, innovation is what brings new designs and materials, thereby accelerating the demand for leather shoe manufacturers. Since human civilization, the footwear industry has achieved several milestones, which is why this industry is always growing. According to the Statista report, the revenue in the leather footwear industry amounts to US$124.70 bn in 2022. However, the market is expected to grow annually at a CAGRof 4.54% by 2027. 


Here in this write-up, let’s talk about the bright future of leather shoe manufacturers in detail.


Leather shoe manufacturer – an insight into bright future 

The leather, leather products, and footwear industry play a vital role in the world’s economy. With the advent of technology, there has been pressure on employment in the footwear industry. However, the rise of technology (regarded as Industry 4.0) is cost-effective and supports efficient mass production. Industry 4.0 is designed to enhance the flexibility of manufacturing systems, which will ultimately bring significant innovation to the industry. Here is a major glimpse of the next big things to see in the leather industry.


1. Mass production/customisation 

There has been an increased demand for leather footwear in the past few years. The inclination towards style and colours, along with other features, have led to the major production of leather footwear. From selecting the right material to adding individual logos and signatures, this process imposes considerable pressure on traditional manufacturers. Therefore, most manufacturers have set up a small and flexible team to meet the demand. 


2. Innovative production planning 

Earlier, there was a traditional approach associated with production planning: arranging the manufacturing operations to produce what was meant to sell. With this approach, the leather shoe manufacturers would buy materials and components to use wherever required for production. Now the time has changed. Today, the focus can be majorly seen on “customers’ needs & requirements” particularly. The shoe manufacturers only produce what is required and meet the deadlines. In the future, the focus will be on using the manufacturing equipment to keep the level of operational efficiency. 


3. The product design 

Gone are the days when the focus will only be on producing fashionable and stylish leather footwear. Today, people love wearing comfortable footwear, which provides them utmost safety. They want sustainable materials that make less impact on the environment. Therefore, leather shoe manufacturers will work on everything from producing stylish to comfortable, sustainable and environment-friendly shoes. Keeping this thing in mind, there can be a conflict between the demand for fashionable products and manufacturers’ products that can meet the customers’ expectations of comfort and sustainability.


4. Health and Safety 

The manufacturing industry has always been associated with risks and health concerns. It is mainly because of the big machinery that leads to injuries. Therefore, the growing awareness that shoe manufacturers seek is to minimise the risk of health or injuries that impact the manufacturing process. Moreover, traditional manufacturing machines/equipment make considerable noise; this also needs to be tackled because such noise can also affect those who are not involved in the operation. Having improved soundproofing of manufacturing equipment would help curb this issue in the future production process. Undoubtedly, the future shoe manufacturing industry will have to invest in safety equipment to deal with noise and moving parts. 


5. Use of advanced technology 

Technology is not an option but a necessity in the 21st century. Regardless of the industry type, the use of technology is unlimited. In the leather shoe manufacturing industry, the use of information technology (IT) is also not  restricted. In the future, shoe manufacturers will use technology to monitor and maintain their production process. For instance, in the future, if any unforeseen circumstance causes a delay in the production process, the software can automatically adjust the schedule to minimise disruption to meet significant deadlines. In addition, such advanced technology will allow pre-production activity to be more efficient and faster. With technology, planning, assessment, and production work will be beneficial and will bring more fruitful results. 


6. Tackling environmental issues 

Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, etc., are the major environmental issues caused by manufacturing industries. In the shoe manufacturing industry, leather shoe manufacturers are required to look for environment-friendly processes. For instance, monitoring energy usage, minimising unnecessary power consumption, and machine maintenance and replacement will lead to savings in energy costs as well as will meet environmental standards. Furthermore, the use of sustainably-sourced materials is also a crucial part of the shoe design and development process, so this will be in focus in the future. 


7. Recycling footwear 

There are several shoe manufacturers that offer a return service, meaning taking back worn products from customers for the recycling process. Undoubtedly, many industries have successfully adopted the concept of the recycling process and depicted that this can offer a significant amount of environmental benefits. 


To conclude, these were the significant aspects the leather shoe manufacturers/ industry can include in the future. The aforementioned points reflect that shoe manufacturers can offer their customers fashionably forward styles, designs, materials and delivery options. Without any speck of doubt, the future of the shoe manufacturer will be different as compared to today’s operations. 


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