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Most Common Materials Used To Make Leather Shoes For Men


Facts suggest that it was five thousand years ago when humans started making leather shoes. However, we’ve come a long way, as it all started with wearing shoes made out of bearskin and deerskin to defy the snow in the Italian Alps. Yet, the sole purpose of wearing leather shoes is still the same; we have changed a lot in the styling and designing of leather shoes. 


When speaking of leather, you get a variety of materials and an array of skins that distinguish every shoe from each other and make them suitable footwear for every occasion. In this blog, we have listed common materials used to manufacture shoes and other footwear. 

Type Of Materials Used By Shoe Manufacturers  

Leather is one of the fascinating materials when it comes to designing extravagant shoes. From royals to middle-class men, everyone is interested in buying a pair of leather shoes for themselves. You know, every leather shoe has its own story, and since the dawn of time, shoe manufacturers have indulged themselves in producing quality leather shoes. This means you can select shoes made from calf leather, pig leather or crocodile leather. Also, you can get an exotic design based on the different skin textures. So, set back as we are here to broaden your knowledge about the type of leather as we are a leading name among shoe manufacturers. 


1. Pig Skin Leather

Do you know pig skin leather is the same material that is used for making footballs? In addition to footballs, pig leather is used for manufacturing a variety of products, such as shoes, purses, belts etc. Nevertheless, here we are referring to the same material called “the old pigskin” that is used by our expert shoe manufacturers to design leather shoes. It has become a popular leather choice among top shoe manufacturers because of its flexibility, durability and toughness. Another reason for the growing popularity of this material is its texture, as it can easily be tanned in different dyes; thus, you may find a wide variety of hues in pig skin footwear. 

2. Calfskin Leather

Calfskin leather is a far more popular choice for professional shoe manufacturers when compared to pigskin leather. Calfskin leather, as the name suggests, is produced from the skin of younger cattle around three to four weeks old. Once this leather is ready, it exhibits a fine, solid, beautiful grain. This is one of the factors that result in the high cost of calfskin leather shoes. You know, calfskin leather requires minimal upkeep and looks absolutely clean and shiny even after a simple polish. 

3. Full-Grain Side Leather

Full-grain side leather serves various purposes and is by far the most adaptable of all leathers. Full-grain side leather is strong, much like the other leathers we’ve mentioned so far. Along with being highly durable, it is easily malleable and has a highly breathable texture. As a renowned shoe manufacturer, we commonly use this material for making boots and high-ankle shoes due to their bumpy and tanned look. 

4. Kidskin (Goat) Leather

Despite the name, kidskin leather is produced from both young and old goat skin. The price of kidskin leather products typically lies between that of full-grain side leather and calfskin leather. Kidskin is typically used by expert shoe manufacturers to produce high-quality women’s shoes. Additionally, it is frequently used in gloves, caps etc. The primary property of kidskin leather is that it is lightweight, soft, resilient and has high absorbency. 

5. The Leather Of A Lizard

Don’t be grossed out by the name, as lizard leather has gained popularity in recent years and provides a wide range of textures while producing shoes. Furthermore, lizard skin leather is a rather cost-effective option for most shoe manufacturers and customers when compared to other types of leather. Shoe manufacturers use lizard leather when looking for thin scales that look like alligator or crocodile skin but have a thin and uniform shape. 

6. Eel skin Leather 

The appearance of eel skin leather is its biggest advantage, especially for shoe manufacturers. When properly tanned, they have an amazing impression and are more durable than you might think. The lustrous glow of eel skin leather can easily be preserved with little maintenance also, using glaze treatment, shoe polish, etc., can increase longevity. Although they can be expensive, eel-skin leather shoes are soft and comfy and would add a great appeal to your shoe collection. 

7. Snake Skin Leather

Snake skin is one of the most exotic materials as the snake hide has long been a popular option for boots and shoes, mostly due to its extreme durability. It is because of their striking designs python and rattlesnake are two of the most prevalent selections for snakeskin shoes. Although snakeskin shoes and boots can be quite expensive, you cannot deny their magnificent appearance and resilience. As a shoe manufacturer, we prefer this leather because it provides a unique texture and eye-catching look. Buying footwear made from this material is much more of an investment than a cost.

8. Crocodile Skin Leather

Crocodile skin is one of the most sought-after shoe-making materials, as it is uncommon to find a material that appears both flamboyant and gorgeous. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, crocodile skin shoes can last a very long time with the right maintenance. Thus, our expert team of shoe manufacturers are keen to use crocodile skin to provide extravagance to their footwear collection and make them look classy. 

9. Synthetic Leather 

We would be negligent if we omitted the discussion of synthetic leathers. Here we have noticed many people opting for synthetic leather for a variety of reasons. The fact is that it costs less and does not involve any form of animal cruelty. Nevertheless, the flexibility, softness, and quality of synthetic leather significantly differ from genuine leather, and still, people are switching their preferences of using real leather. 



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