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Top 5 Most Common Materials Used To Make Leather Shoes For Women


Leather footwear has been popular among humans since ancient times due to the warmth and comforts it provides to feet. Whether it’s chilling sunny weather or freezing cold climate, leather shoes become the best partner to go out and feel super comfortable. Gone are the days when girls always picked high heels as their ultimate footwear. Time has changed, and without a bone of contention, shoes are the perfect camaraderie for girls that go really well with any outfit. Leather shoes for women are a type of footwear that is essential in the closet. Therefore, women should buy shoes that offer style without compromising the style. Today, shoes are available in almost every colour, size, design, and shape – picking the right one can be a herculean task. As a shopper, you must buy shoes made using superior-quality leather materials. Kiwi Enterprises is the leading leather shoe manufacturing company using high-quality materials that impact the overall design of the shoes. 


Let’s talk about the common materials that are used in the process of manufacturing leather shoes for women. 


These five materials enhance the style of leather shoes for women

Did you know the material used in manufacturing shoes can make or break the design? It is easy to get allured by the shoes’ colour, shape, and design, but the material is something that people usually ignore. Therefore, we have listed the top five common materials used in making shoes, and you must look at them when buying. 


1. Synthetics 

Commonly known as PU leather or synthetic leather, this type of leather comprises two layers: an outer layer attached to a backing layer made from polyester fibres. Such a kind of material is used to make shoes and sports shoes as well. The good thing about this type of material is that it comes in plenty of colours and textures. The advantage of buying shoes made of synthetic material is that they come at a lower price. So, you can enjoy a stylish and luxurious look with affordable shoes. Having said that, you must prefer buying high-quality synthetic material shoes that are durable. It is also because lower-quality synthetics may not have a perfect or smooth texture and are also not long-lasting. 


2. Textiles 

Fabric is another important material you need to look for when buying semi-leather shoes for women. Textiles like cotton, wool, nylon, and polyester are prevalent and used in shoe-making in various colours and textures. Furthermore, textile leather shoes come in variations due to their individual and unique properties. Such shoes are highly durable and survive in any weather conditions. You can find textile shoes in rayon, polypropylene, and lycra. The best thing about textile leather shoes is that they are versatile and come in a variety of designs and styles. Each textile has its own physical property that must be considered when choosing whether or not to buy or wear. So, this is the material that you must look for in leather shoes. 


3. Foam 

One of the most common materials used in making leather shoes is FOAM. Well, this foam is not about the bubbles left in the sink after washing dishes. The foam used in leather shoes is basically plastic, divided into two categories: open and closed cells. The open-cell foam lets water and air pass through, whereas closed-cell foam prevents gases from escaping. Further, you can find the open cell foam in the tongue of the leather shoes, which is used to maintain ventilation. On the other hand, closed-cell foam is commonly used to make midsoles due to its denser properties. This type of closed foam includes polyurethane and polyethene neoprene, latex, and EVA foam. All these closed foam types have properties like waterproofness and elasticity. 


4. Rubber 

The next significant material used in making leather shoes for women is rubber. The best thing about this material is that it is mainly used for sports shoes such as running shoes or tennis shoes. For most of the years, rubber for shoes has been made from polyester; however, a more environmentally-sound natural rubber is increasingly popular as the best alternative option. Rubber is used to make outsoles of shoes, but now rubber is used to make leather shoes that offer the utmost safety to the users. It is because this material protects from harsh chemicals and falling objects. Furthermore, rubber reduces the risk of slips as they are slip-resistant – no matter how wet or muddy the conditions are. 

5. Cowhide Leather 

Last but not least, since we’re talking about leather shoes, you must look for shoes that are made from genuine leather. Well, real leather is made from animal skin – particularly cowhide, which is most commonly produced in China. Leather shoes are flexible, durable, and highly elastic; you can stretch them. Further, it’s material that efficiently insulates heat and regulates temperature. Undoubtedly, leather is among the common materials that shoemakers use, but you have to be aware that the leather shoes you’re buying are real and of the highest quality. Remember one thing leather shoes are costly, but they’re worth the investment as they are highly comfortable and durable. So, make sure to keep the authenticity of the material in mind. 

To sum up 

Leather shoes for women are in high demand, so when you’re going out to buy them, consider all the aforementioned materials. Now that you know what all sorts of materials are used in making leather shoes for women, you can easily decide which pair to buy and when to wear them. Regardless of the style you prefer, remember that comfort is key – which only comes with leather shoes. If you’re searching for the best leather shoes for women, count on Kiwi Enterprises. We’re among the reputed leather goods manufacturing industries, and we manufacture leather shoes that provide both style and comfort. We always prioritise our customers and offer high-quality fashion footwear and accessories that suit the best in the fashion world. For more information and queries, you can connect with us.