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5 Best Genuine Leather Wallet For Women In 2022 



Women’s jeans and pockets are two poles apart things, thus giving rise to – WALLETS. This small but mighty accessory has become essential to a woman’s everyday attire. After all, they carry all your clutter, including coins, cards, cash, and sometimes even your makeup. 

Gone are the days when wallets were just a means of carrying clutter. Today, they play the leading role in setting your fashion game, and when it comes to fashion accessories, there is no better player than a genuine leather wallet for women. 

Wallets come in different designs and textures, especially ones made from leather. Indeed selecting the best one can be a bit tiresome, so we are here to help! Here, we will discuss five stunning leather wallet designs for women in 2022. 


5 Latest Genuine Leather Wallet Design For Women

Mentioned here are five trendy genuine leather wallet designs; 


1. Clutch As Wallets

When we say genuine leather wallet for women, the first thing that comes to mind is the plain old flap-opening coin holder; however, even the wallet designs have evolved over time. Our first pick depicts the change in wallet designs, ideally – Clutch style wallets. Who would have thought that wallets could be used as clutches? Well, with Kiwi Enterprises, they can be. All you have to do is submit your desired design to our team; we will deliver it to your doorstep.  


2. Crossbody Cardholders or Coin Wallets

The next trendy design for a genuine leather wallet is as a crossbody cardholder or coin bag. Crossbody is the latest trend in the fashion industry, from fanny packs to handbags (with long belts), and even wallets are used as a crossbody. You can choose from many designs available for crossbody cardholders or coin wallets. It can either be a round coin bag or a rounded corner rectangular card holder, every design will look stunning with premium quality. 


3. Wallets With Zip

Zips are a new way of setting fashion statements; they are featured in bottoms (jeans, pants, etc.), blouses (tops, t-shirts), dresses, handbags, and even wallets. Yes, you heard it right; you can now get a wallet with a zip. Bid farewell to flaps and welcome the new zippered genuine leather wallet. Several brands, such as Zara and GAP, offer various designs for zippered leather wallets; if you want a personalised wallet, simply count on Kiwi Enterprises. 


4. Bi & Tri-fold Wallets

If comfort and compactness are your styles, then this genuine wallet for women is the best design. Available in double and triple folds, these leather wallets can be customised with us, or you can select from a plethora of options available online. Moreover, the best part about these wallets is that they have more compartment space.  


5. Continental or Traditional Style Wallets

Lastly, on our list, we have the continental or traditional style genuine leather wallet. These types of wallets are the most common ones,  since they are comfortable and larger than fancy wallet styles; continental or traditional wallets are preferred among women. You can spice up the game by choosing top-of-the-line leather textures, colours, and patterns. 


How Is Kiwi Enterprises Helpful? – Manufacturing Process 

Kiwi Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of genuine leather wallet, footwear, and other accessories. We are here to empower you by giving life to your envisioned designs for the said products. Since leather is generally associated with animal cruelty, we obtain our leather from ethical and sustainable sources – Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries. We use the highest quality leather to manufacture wallets for our customers. Speaking of genuine leather wallet, below we have mentioned our detained manufacturing process; 


1. Design

We at Kiwi Enterprises have a dedicated team of in-house designers. For manufacturing genuine leather wallet for women, our designers, in coordination with leather experts, create and prototype different designs. They work on the genuine leather wallet logo, inner lining, and different designs for women and men. In case you have already crafted your design, you just need to submit your ideation and leave the rest to our designers. 


2. Cutting 

We create our design in multiple patterns which further makes leather cutting easier. In producing genuine leather wallet for women, our team of experts prioritises attention to detail and cuts the leather into “patterns” provided by the designers. The pattern includes all the details, such as slots, compartments for stitches, etc. We use a scratch awl, sharp knife, and cutting machines to cut the necessary leather pieces. 


3. Colouring 

On the way to manufacturing genuine leather wallet for women, our next step is colouring. When we cut high-quality leather into different patterns, the cut pieces develop an uneven tone. To manufacture a genuine wallet for women, we colour the edges of cut pieces. We use premium edge painting machines specially designed for colouring purposes. Our colouring process will deliver you a high-quality and finished genuine leather wallet.


4. Stitching 

Regarding genuine leather wallet, stitches hold paramount importance in beautifying the products. In leather products, stitching is also a real sign of true craftsmanship. Our experts hand-stitch the outer lining of leather wallets to ensure even stitches throughout the wallet and the finest quality. Moreover, the stitches will be visible in the design as they add elegance and a pinch of hard work to the wallet. Our experts don’t just rely on hand stitches; instead, use state-of-the-art machines to get perfect inner lining seams. 


5. Finishing 

The last step in a genuine leather wallet product is to add the finishing touch. This last step delivers the “ready-to-use” wallets. Our professionals send the stitched genuine leather wallet to the ‘Finishing Room’. Here all the last-minute checks take place; our experts look for any alterations (if needed) and then proceed to polishing and burnishing. 


As aforementioned, at Kiwi Enterprises, we keep quality our foremost priority; thus, we follow a detailed and monitored process to manufacture genuine leather wallet. Leather is everything that speaks class, so a genuine leather wallet is ideal. Class up everyday outfits with a wallet you designed, or just choose designs made by our artisans!