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Future Of Leather Manufacturers In USA


Humans have been using leather to create footwear and accessories for thousands of years, and the industry has come a long way since. In the USA particularly, the leather fashion and leather footwear industry has been booming, with a rising demand for leather manufacturers. The industry has a bright future, driven by rising disposable consumer income, improved living standards, and tourism. That’s where Kiwi Enterprises comes in.

We are a family-run company that brings brands’ visions to life with our world-class leather goods manufacturing operation. We design and create premium-quality custom leather footwear and accessories for many private labels, organizations, fashion houses, brands, and other retailers around the world. Whether you are a private fashion label or a big retailer, we can create a custom range for you, or you can choose from our repertoire of in-house designs and put your label on them.

Our in-house team of designers from France and Italy create over 300 new designs every season, including leather goods in timeless designs and trendy styles. If you are looking to learn about the future of leather manufacturers in USA, read on.

What to expect from the USA leather manufacturing industry?


If you are a fashion brand looking to understand where the industry is headed, check out our top predictions below.

1. Shift towards sustainability


Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, opting for eco-friendly materials like faux leather and vegan suede. In turn, leather shoe manufacturers and brands too are shifting to greener pastures, trying to consume less water and employing more renewable energy sources. Kiwi Enterprises too is committed to reducing out carbon footprint, having switched to solar power across our operations. All our raw materials are sustainably sourced from renewable sources like the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and we offer biocompatible and biodegradable packaging material as well.

2. The rise of customization 


The fashion industry has seen millions of trends come and go, but one trend remains consistent – there is always going to be a demand for unique and customized designs. Fashion manufacturers are likely to continue making strides in the world of leather products, flexing their creativity to create one-of-a-kind collections for brands all over the world. As a fashion brand, your creativity and ability to step outside the box is what will ensure your future in the field. So, if you are looking to create a custom collection of leather handbags and leather shoes for your brand, you can avail Kiwi Enterprises’ premium customization services. Bring us your design and specifications, and our technicians will do the rest!

3. Love for comfort


With more people switching to work from home or hybrid work setups, there is an increased demand for accessories that are both stylish and comfortable. Brands are taking the time to think about what their new age consumers need, and are creating leather products like slides, slippers, tote bags and laptop carriers. Nobody wants to sacrifice aesthetic in the digital age, and so brands are combining fashion with functionality as much as possible. There is also a likelihood of a spike in domestic and international travel, creating an even higher demand for comfortable yet chic clothing. Kiwi Enterprises works with the best quality materials to create leather handbags and leather footwear that will be in your customers daily survival kit.

Kiwi Enterprises – Your private label’s one-stop shop for leather goods


With an undying passion for sophistication and style, Kiwi Enterprises has been in the premium leather business for over two decades. We are a family-owned and operated business, bringing you a world-class design platform with endless customization options. If you work with us, we will bring you state-of-the-art manufacturing mixed with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From our raw materials to our custom packaging options, we strive to create top-tier leather products that will elevate your brand.