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3 Ways To Style A Leather Bag



Leather bags are timeless and classic additions to your wardrobe. A good leather bag can be functional and fashionable, two primary characteristics that everyone looks for.

Top-quality leather bags, like the ones manufactured by Kiwi Enterprises, are strong and durable. They can withstand years, even decades of wear and tear and changing trends, without giving up their structural and aesthetic integrity. We can safely say that with regular upkeep and care, a top-quality leather bag will last you long enough to one day become a family heirloom.

Leather bags come in different styles such as ‑satchels, backpacks, crossbody bags, and even fanny packs – that can be paired with different types of outfits to elevate your look. You can also find a variety of styles are colours, textures, and types of leather, as well as various sizes of bags.  However, it can be hard to figure out what bag to use for what purpose. That’s why we at Kiwi Enterprises have created an exclusive style guide on how to style bags for three different aesthetics. Here’s what you need to know about styling leather bags –

1. For work:

The most stylish, sophisticated, and functional bag to complement your office outfit is a leather backpack. Not only will it have enough space to fit in your work laptop, but also any other items you need to carry such as chargers, stationery, and more. A leather backpack will also give you a more cohesive and upscale look, perfect to pair with a pantsuit or even a more semi-formal look. So, whether you work for an office that has a strict dress code, or in one where every day is casual Friday, a leather backpack will be a chic accessory. Kiwi Enterprises manufactures premium leather backpacks for retailers and designers of all calibres and price points, so we know a thing or two about styling this material.

2. For day-to-day use:

Everyone has a bag for casual outings like grocery runs, a coffee with a friend, or even to the airport. This everyday bag could be a crossbody bag that holds your wallet, phone, and keys, which you can wear with jeans and a jumper in the winter, or a summer dress during warmer months. Ideally, your casual bag should be in a neutral colour such as black, taupe, grey, or white – perfect to pair with a variety of casualwear. Leather totes with whimsical prints are also an amazing choice.

3. For a party:

Everyone needs a few standout occasion wear bags in their wardrobes – something that is functional but still makes a statement. A party bag should ideally be compact yet spacious to carry essentials. Something that adds a pop of colour to a form-fitting little black dress is a must-have. Women can go for clutches and shorter slinged baguette bags, while men and others can even go for fanny packs or smaller crossbody bags. Suede in light to dark hues, and textured saffiano leather are safe yet elegant options, and easy to complement even Indian clothes like salwar kameez, sarees, and pathan suits for men. If you are feeling bold, want to subvert sartorial expectations with a splash of colour then you can accessorise with patent leather bags.

In addition to these tips, you should also be able to identify good leather. Here are some essential points to keep in mind:

  • Leather grade: Full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, and corrected-grain leather are the four fundamental types of leather. Top-grain and full-grain are considered the best, durable types of leather.
  • Check for the leather’s origin: Nowadays customers are becoming conscious of where the products they are investing in come from. So, it is always best to know where the leather of your bag originates from, so you can decide whether it’s a worthy purchase. Things to keep in mind are the environmental and labour practices as well as quality regulation mandates.
  • Take a whiff: Real leather does not smell like plastic or too chemically treated. There’s no better way to put it but real leather will smell like leather. Trust your olfactory sense to guide you towards making this purchase.
  • Examine the stitching: Haphazard stitching ruins the overall feel of the bags and might just come undone over time. Additionally, machine-made and hand sewn products are distinguishable in quality and pricing.
  • Feel the product: Along with the scent of the leather bag, the finish of it also matters. Is the leather plastic-like in feel? Do not use bonded leather, which is a composite of different leather straps. A quality leather product will often have a fine texture and a luxurious feel.

Since its founding in 1995, Kiwi Enterprises has been committed to producing leather goods of the highest calibre. We at have years of experience creating a wide range of premium leather bags premium leather bags including satchels, hobo bags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, tote bags, among others.

With our decades of expertise, we have elevated the craft of shoe and bag making through our passion for elegance and craftsmanship. Our clientele includes prestigious global brands and fashion houses like Zadig & Voltaire, Fossil, Steve Madden, Lucky, Vince Camuto, Fatface, Dune London, Gap, and Barney’s New York, to name a few.

Offering the finest leather accessories and footwear available in the fashion industry is our way of paying homage to the skill of leatherworking.