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Kiwi’s Essential Leather Handbags For Women



We don’t need to explain to you why handbags are important for women. They serve the essential function of carrying and transporting belongings from one place to another. Since women’s clothing often doesn’t have deep enough pockets, bags save the day. They only add comfort and convenience to everyday life.

But handbags don’t have to be drab or boring, and they don’t have to be expensive to be aesthetically pleasing. You can have the best of both worlds with good quality leather handbags. What you should be looking for before buying leather handbags, especially for essential use, is:

  • Quality of leather
  • The price
  • Spaciousness for all your personal items
  • Versatility to pair well with all outfits

Then it all comes down to the style of bag you need. If you are looking for leather handbags for women, then there is a brief guide to the different styles you can choose from:

1. Tote:

This style of leather handbag for women is roomy enough to fit laptops, wallets, beauty products, keys, and other miscellaneous items, with ease. Make sure to get one with multiple pockets and zippers so the smaller-sized items do not get lost in the depths of the bag. It’s also style of bag that has endured many, many trends, so you do not have to worry about it going out of fashion.

2. Clutch:

A leather clutch in the softest, buttery leather will pair with just about any special occasion outfit. Kiwi Enterprises’ designs include clutches in all colours, be it a dusty rose or a classic black or even neon colours with ample designs.  If you are feeling like splurging, then you can also opt for a clutch in both black and brown, because these colours are easy to complement any outfit.

3. Baguette bags:

These bags have returned to fashion with the resurgence of Y2K trends in fashion. They may look small, but are roomy enough to accommodate the basics that you need for the day. You can dress down or dress up when you are carrying a baguette bag. They are dainty, and cute. This kind of bag can also be made with an adjustable strap for more functionality.

4. Fanny packs:

You can call then waist bags, bum bags, or fanny packs. They are as trendy as they are functional, especially when you want to carry your items without having to use your hands or worry about them falling out. There is no hassle of the bag’s straps falling from your shoulder.

5. Crossbody bags:

For a very long time, crossbody purses have been a popular choice among brands because of the functionality, style, and elegance. Your customers can look put together in seconds when pairing a crossbody bag with outfits. It’s a solid choice for an everyday bag that can be taken to office, an evening bag for an office party or night out, and a good option if you are running errands.  You can select the size you want depending on your needs. But usually, a mid-sized crossbody bag is common in most brands’ catalogues.

6. Wristlet:

The wristlet is a compact, usually rectangular purse with a short, adjustable strap that you can slip in on your wrist. Although it has a clutch-like appearance, the wristlet is a little more useful for a night out because it frees up both hands. Typically, a zipper is used to close the wristlet. The wristlet is also useful if you are running errands. Your customer could be carrying multiple grocery bags and can do that easily with a wristlet looped around their wrists. It’s also usually compact enough to be tucked away in a bigger handbag.